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MicroPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (Leads) 2009A
  • MicroPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (Leads) 2009A

MicroPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (Leads) 2009A

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The MicroPuck 2009A boost driver is ideal for powering a single Luxeon 350mA LEDs using 1 or 2 AA cells. The MicroPuck's high efficiency and small size makes it an ideal choice for many flashlight, headlamp and portable lantern applications.

2009A MicroPuck Features:

  • Max Output Current: 350mA
  • Max Input Voltage: 3VDC
  • Min Input Voltage: 0.8VDC
  • 6" 24ga colored wires for easy wiring
  • Small form factor 0.45"L x 0.3"W x 0.26"H
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Lead Free

    While this driver is designed to efficiently and safely drive a single 350mA Luxeon LED from one or two cells, it's elegantly simple design allows a great deal of application flexibility. For example, alternate configurations can power Luxeon III and V LEDs. It can also be configured as a buck (4-8V in) or boost/buck (1-7V in)

    The MicroPuck is an encapsulated puck 0.45" x 0.30" x 0.26" and is resistant to harsh environments and moisture. It is is supplied with 6', 24AWG colored leads for easy wiring.

  • Can be used to power a single 350mA Luxeon LED or up to 8 series connected T 1-13/4 LEDs

Can also be used to power Luxeon III or V LEDs in a boost configuration Compact, low cost solution for providing current to LEDs with forward voltages in excess of supply voltages Fully encapsulated with an insulating epoxy that is resistant to harsh environments and moisture Extends battery operating time with an output that is relatively constant until the batteries have been drained Can be used with a single cell 0.45" L x 0.3" W x 0.26" H

Battery holder and LED not included.

2009A Specifications
 3 VDC
 0.8 VDC
 8 VDC


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