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BuckPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (PCB Mount) 3021-D-E-350
  • BuckPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (PCB Mount) 3021-D-E-350

BuckPuck 350mA DC LED Driver (PCB Mount) 3021-D-E-350

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The 3021-D-E-350, External Dimming BuckPuck driver is a 350mA, 5-32VDC, high efficiency driver specifically designed to power one or more Luxeon 350mA LEDs.

Unlike other drivers the 3021-D-E-350 is designed to deliver a fixed current output of 350mA regardless of the number of LEDs connected and is ideally suited for driving arrays of Luxeon LEDs.

  • One driver can power one or more Luxeon 350mA LEDs with no additional circuitry or components
  • DC input voltage from 5V to 32V. (The input voltage must be at least 2 volts higher than the forward voltage drop of all series connected LEDs.)
  • 350mA true constant current output regardless of the number of LEDs connected to the driver
  • Provides full range dimming with a single external 5k linear potentiometer
  • On/Off control pin allows you to switch off the output current without turning off the input power
  • External analog/digital intensity control (TTL compatible)
  • Output short circuit protection up to 15 seconds
  • Output open circuit protection
  • External pulse and strobe control input
  • Built in regulated 5V reference/output to power local logic circuitry/µProcessor
  • Extremely small form factor, just 0.78”x 0.78”x 0.43” and weighs just 0.3oz. (20mm x 20mm x 11mm, 9 grams)
  • Thermally-conductive, electrically-insulated, encapsulated puck
  • Simple 7-pin SIP connection suitable for through-hole PCB mounted or optional HEP wire harness
  • Supplied with 0.030" square pins for easy PC board mounting
  • Requires no additional heat sinking
  • 95% efficient

Easy to use wiring harnesses that do not require this driver to be mounted to a printed circuit board are available with and without a dimming potentiometer. See the Accessories, Related & Optional Items table below for details.

This driver is suitable for all 350mA rated LEDs including all Luxeon I, Star/O, Star/C, Floods, Lines, Rings, and the Luxeon PWT.

3021-D-E-350 Specifications
Max Output Current   350mA
Max Input Voltage   32 VDC
Min Input Voltage   5 VDC
Output Voltage   32 VDC
Efficiency   95%
Weight   8.1g

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