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Arduino Uno Learning Kit
  • Arduino Uno Learning Kit
  • kit Arduino Uno Learning Kit
  • kit Arduino Uno Learning Kit
  • kit Arduino Uno Learning Kit

Arduino Uno Learning Kit


this is our complete Arduino Uno based kit, which contains almost everything to get started in arduino

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Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Package List:
1x 400 pt breadboard
1x USB Cable
1x UNO R3 Board
1x Remote +IR Receiver
1x Protoshield
65x Jumper Wires
1x SG90 Servo
1x DC Motor
5x PN2222 Transistors
5x BC557 PNP
5x BC547 NPN
2x LDR sensor
5x 1N4001 Diodes
1x stepper Motor
1x UNL2003 driver board
1x 74hc595 MAX7219 Chip
1x L293D Chip
1x Channel Relay
1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder
1x LCD 1602 screen
5x Blue LED
5x Green LED
5x Yellow LED
5x White LED
5x Red LED
1x RGB LED(Cathode)
1x 10k Potentiometer
1x Thermistor
1x Piezo Buzzer
5x 22pF Capacitor
5x 0.1uF Capacitor
2x 50V 10uF Capacitor
2x 50V 100uF Capacitor
5x Switches
1x 9V Adapter
200Ω 330Ω 1kΩ 2kΩ 5.1kΩ 10kΩ 10Ω 100Ω 100kΩ 1mΩ x10
1x 9V Battery Connector
4x Female-Female Premium Wires
1x 8X8 Dot Matrix Display
1x 7-Segment Display(4-Digit)
1x 7-Segment Display(1 digit)
1x MPU6050 Gyroscope
1x Joystick Module
1x SMD Material box
1x 40 Pin Header


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