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Arduino open source microcontroller boards. ranging from the arduino Uno, the arduino mega, as well as the compact arduino nano. to Compliment these main boards, we stock a wide range of Sensors, Modules, Shields, as well as arduino kits to get started with arduino

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Reference: ARDUNOR3

Brand: Arduino

Arduino Uno R3

The Arduino UNO R3 is an excellent basic board that utilizes the ATmega16U2 microcontroller for basic to intermediate projects.

Price R255.00

Reference: ARDUNOR3SMD

Brand: Arduino

Arduino Uno R3 SMD

the Uno R3 SMD is a budget alternative to the Arduino Uno Boards. It is equipped with an ATMEL AVR ATmega328P microcontroller and a updated USB-controller for cost reduction. The specifications are equal to Arduino Uno R3.

Price R95.00
In stock


Brand: Arduino

Kit Arduino starter kit

This Starter Kit is based around the Arduino Uno development board which features the AVR ATmega328 microcontroller. It includes tonnes of pieces to help you get familiar with the Arduino Uno board and electronics

Price R1,543.48
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