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Intelligent component analyser DCA55
  • Intelligent component analyser DCA55
  • Peak DCA55 Component & IC Tester Component, Model DCA55

Peak DCA55 Component & IC Tester Component, Model DCA55


The Peak component and IC tester component is an intelligent component analyser. It is 20mm high, 70mm wide and 103mm long. The DCA55 tester can analyse a vast number of different component types including bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, thyristors, triacs, diodes, LEDs and others. It provides information such as component type and pin out along with measurable parameters like gain, gate threshold voltages, voltage drops and more.

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Peak DCA55 Component & IC Tester Component, Model DCA55


  • automatic component type identification
  • automatic pinout identification
  • special feature identification such as protection diodes and resistor shunts
  • bipolar transistors: gain and leakage current measurements, silicon and germanium detection
  • gate threshold measurement for Enhancement Mode MOSFETs
  • semiconductor forward voltage measurement for diodes, LEDs and
    transistor Base-Emitter junctions
  • automatic and manual power-off


  • peak test current into short circuit: -5.5mA ~ 5.5mA
  • peak test voltage across open circuit: -5.1V ~ 5.1V
  • transistor:
    • gain range (Hfe): 4 ~ 65000
    • gain accuracy: ±3% ±5 Hfe
    • Vceo test voltage: 2.0V ~ 3.0V
    • Vbe accuracy: -2%-20mV ~ +2%+20mV
    • VBE for Darlington (shunted): 0.95V ~ 1.80V (0.75V ~ 1.80V)
    • base-emitter shunt threshold: 50kOhm ~ 70kOhm
    • BJT collector test current: 2.45mA ~ 2.55mA
    • BJT acceptable leakage: 0.7mA
    • MOSFET:
      • gate threshold range: 0.1V ~ 5.0V
      • threshold accuracy: -2%-20mV ~ +2%+20mV
      • drain test current: 2.45mA ~ 255mA
      • gate resistance: 8kOhm
    • depletion drain test current: 4.5mA
    • JFET drain-source test current: 0.5mA ~ 5.5mA
  • SCR/Triac:
    • gate test current: 4.5mA
    • load test current: 5.0mA
  • Diode:
    • test current: 5.0mA
    • voltage accuracy: -2%-20mV ~ +2%+20mV
    • Vf for LED identification: 1.50V ~ 4.00V
    • short circuit threshold: 10Ohm
  • Battery:
    • type: MN21 / L1028 / GP23A 12V alkaline
    • voltage range: 7.50V ~ 12V
    • warning threshold: 8.25V
  • dimensions: 103x70x20mm
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