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Day Night Switch 220VAC 10A
  • Day Night Switch 220VAC 10A

Day Night Switch 220VAC 10A


Day Night Switch 220VAC 10A

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Day Night Switch 220VAC 10A

1. Working voltage: 220VAC 10A 50Hz/60Hz

2. Load power: incandescent lamp ≤1000W, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, exhaust fan ≤400W

Product features: automatic black on daylight


1. There is an automatic detection circuit for ambient illumination inside, which is automatically turned off during the day and automatically turned on at night.

2. It adopts three-wire system and is compatible with various loads of resistive, inductive and capacitive lamps.

3. The control object can be LED light, energy saving light, fluorescent light, incandescent light, exhaust fan light, and the like.

4. It has the delay function when the environmental conditions change, and the delay time is 3-5S, which solves the problem of the screen flash of the load when the short-term environmental conditions change.

Application range:

Widely used in street lights, highways, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks, schools and other places.

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