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IDL-600 Analogue Lab
  • IDL-600 Analogue Lab

IDL-600 Analogue Lab

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Analogue Lab This is a solderless, multi-purpose Lab, (work station), that is ideal for analogue circuit prototyping. The main purpose of this Lab is to enable the user to conveniently acquire a solderless breadboard with DC power supply, signal generator, analogue current- and voltmeter, potentiometer and switches that are oftenly used, but not easily installed. Specifications: Power Supply: 220 - 240Vac / 0.5A max. The analogue Lab consists of: Book: User Manual Breadboard: 117 x 163mm, 1896 connections Dual Adjustable DC Supply: 0 to ± 15Vdc Dual DC Fixed Power Supply: ± 5Vdc DC supplies are short-circuit protected Function Generator: 1 Hz - 100kHz, 0 - 6Vpp select from sine, triangle and square wave Ampere Meter: 0 - 100ìA, impedance:1 Ohm Voltmeter: 0 - 30Vdc, impedance: 320k Ohm Two Adaptors: pin tip hole to banana socket Two Adaptors: pin tip hole to BNC socket Two Slide Switches: 2-position (SPDT) One Slide Switch: 3-position (SP3T) One Rotary Switch: 6-position (SP6T) One Potentiometer: linear 1k Ohm One Potentiometer: linear 100k Ohm One Speaker: 8 Ohm Two voltage selector switches Dimensions: 420 x 360 x 200mm (L x W x H) Weight: 4.2kg


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