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Rebel Endor Star - Cool White Tri-Emitter - 540 Lm
  • Rebel Endor Star - Cool White Tri-Emitter - 540 Lm

Rebel Endor Star - Cool White Tri-Emitter - 540 Lm

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Endor Rebel - Cool White, Tri-Emitter, 540 Lumens @ 700mA

The Endor 7007-PWC-10-3 Rebel Star light module by LEDDynamics™ features three pre-mounted Luxeon® Rebel cool white LEDs that can generate 300 lumens at 350mA and 540 lumens at 700mA. The star base is footprint compatible with standard Luxeon Star LEDs and features electrical isolation between the Rebel LED and the base with solder pads that can be solder to using standard hand soldering tools.

The Endor Rebel Star offers:

  • One of the industries brightest LED modules with over 300 lumens of Cool White light at 350mA and 540 lumens at 700mA
  • Long life and lumen maintenance - 50,000 hours life at 700mA with 70% lumen maintenance
  • Can be soldered using standard hand soldering tools
  • Electrically isolated heat sinking surface
  • Thin, low profile package - only 3.9mm thick
  • Simple, clearly marked electrical connections
  • Drive flexibility with input currents from 350mA to 1000mA
  • Lead-free reflow solder JEDEC 020c compatibly
  • Mount with standard #4 screws
  • pb free reflow solder connections
  • Autoclave compliancy - JESD22 A-102
  • RoHS compliancy
  • Fully dimmable

The Endor Rebel Star is ideal for:

  • Solar & Landscape lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • General illumination
  • Automotive & Marine lighting
  • Point of Purchase lighting
  • Signal & marker lighting
  • Cabinet & Display Case lighting
  • Sign lighting
  • Flashlights
  • General R&D and hobby projects

7007-PWC-10-3 Specifications
Lumens   540 lm @ 700mA
 300 lm @ 350mA
Max Continuous Current   1000 mA
Forward Voltage   9.45 Vf
Dominant Wavelength   6500K
LED Type   Tri-Emitter
Radiation Pattern   Lambertian
Weight   5.5g

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