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B195 Infrared detector
  • B195 Infrared detector

B195 Infrared detector

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With the aid of this circuitry it is made possible to carry out functional tests of infrared remote controls used in TV-sets and video devices, etc. Whenever there is radiation of infrared beams on the Special-Sensor, the LED will light up and indicate that the infrared remote control is operated. Operating voltage: 9V=.
As accessories is available our kit "B 197 Relay Card". This could be connected with the Infrared Detector and it is then possible to switch through the relay contact loads up to 3A.

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage: 9V= (8...12V)
  • Current consumption without signal: < 200?A
  • Current consumption with a signal of a IR remote control: approx. 2...15mA
  • Reach between remote control and infrared detector: approx. 2...10 cm, depends on the remote control
  • Function indication: by a light-emitting diode
  • Board dimensions: ca. 17 x 59 mm
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