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Flux Solder Paste 50gr tin
  • Flux Solder Paste 50gr tin
  • Flux Solder Paste 50gr tin

Flux Solder Paste 50gr tin


Flux Solder Paste 50gr tin

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Flux is a chemical cleaning agent used before and during the soldering process of electronic components onto circuit boards. Flux is used in both manual hand soldering as well as the different automated processes used by PCB contract manufacturers. The main purpose of the flux is to prepare the metal surfaces for soldering by cleaning and removing any oxides and impurities. Oxides are formed when metal is exposed to air and may prevent the formation of good solder joints. The flux also protects the metal surfaces from re-oxidation during soldering and helps the soldering process by altering the surface tension of the molten solder.

  • 50G Welding Flux Paste Soldering Flux Paste Grease Gel
  • The shape is similar to the butter-like paste.
  • High bond strength, PH value neutral, insulation resistance, welding surface smooth.


  • No poison no corrosion, IC and PCB for no corrosive.
  • Smooth welding surface. Good insulation.
  • Fluxing excellent results, joint high intensity.


Specification :


Net weight : 50g

Packaging : plastic box

Neutral PH7 ± 0.3


Package includes :


1 x Solder Paste

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