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Fluke Multimeter Leads TL75 Test Lead Kit, CAT III 1000V
  • Fluke Multimeter Leads TL75 Test Lead Kit, CAT III 1000V

Fluke Multimeter Leads TL75 Test Lead Kit, CAT III 1000V

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Fluke Multimeter Test Leads and Probes

Brought to you by Fluke, a range of Test leads and probes, suitable exclusively for Fluke Multimeters. Whether it's a test lead set or a probe set, dependent on the application, both types will add a sense of reliability to the intended application. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• Both test leads and probes available

• Durable connection, which guarantees excellent results

• Single accessories and kits

• Different safety categories to suit the application

• Insulated wires

What are test leads?

These leads are connecting cables which are used specifically for Multimeters, attaching a test probe to the end will allow the user to measure the required voltage, current or electrical resistance. As it assists operation with a multimeter, at least two of these types of electrical values are measured.

What are test probes?

Connecting to Fluke multimeters, a set of test probes will measure the device or target for an accurate reading, such as voltage or current. Due to the flexibility and quality produced by Fluke, each probe provides much-needed precision.

TL75-1 Hard Point Test Lead Set

Includes 1 pair (red, black) probes with integral PVC insulated leads with 4 mm 90° shrouded plugs. Lead length 1.5 m. Meets EN61010-2-031 CATII 1000 V. 10 A rated.


EN61010-2-031 CATII 1000V

Attribute Value
Lead Type Test Lead Kit
Connector Type Banana Plug
Lead Length 1.22m
Current Rating 10A
Safety Category Voltage 1000 V, 600V
Safety Category CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600V
Safety Category Level CAT III, CAT IV
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