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W1209 Thermostat module 12VDC
  • W1209 Thermostat module 12VDC

W1209 Thermostat module 12VDC


W1209 Digital Temperature Control Switch is a programmable thermostat

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W1209 Digital Temperature Control Switch is a programmable thermostat for 12V Applications. Module can be used for both heating and cooling. Parameter 0 can be set to either Hot or Cold Control setting. The relay module is based on a microcontroller and has 7 user configurable parameters accessible using 3 push buttons.

  • Temperature range :-50~110°C
  • Dimensions : 48.5x40mm
  • Temperature control mode: ON / OFF
  • Resolution : When temperature is 0.1°C, the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1°C
  • Control accuracy : 0.1°C
  • Hysteresis accuracy : 0.1°C
  • Refresh rate : 0.5S
  • High temperature protection: 0~110°C
  • Supply voltage : DC 12V
  • Static current : ≤35MA, attract current ≤65MA
  • Output voltage : DC 12V
  • Output power : 20A relay
  • Measurement input : NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor
  • Environmental requirements : -10 ~ 60°C, Humidity 20% -85%

Instructions for use:

Connect the power supply and equipment , the measuring temperature is displayed, press the "SET" button, press " + or - " to set the desired temperature (long press " + or - " to quickly increase or decrease), press "SET" to confirm the setting and return, controller Automatically performs the relay ON/OFF.

The thermostat output is 10A relay, meet a variety of high-power loads,

LED Indicator : LED off indicates the relay off; Lighting,indicates the relay is closed.

Digital LED Tubes : "LL" indicates sensor open, "HH" indicates overrange, the relay will be forcibly disconnected; "---" indicates high temperature alarm

Long press the "SET" button to enter the main menu settings, press " + or - " to switching between P0-P6,then long press "SET" or 10 seconds without keystrokes to confirm the setting and return.


  • P0 : Cooling / Heating; Range: C/H; Default: C
  • P1 : Hysteresis Setting; Range:0.1-15; Default: 2
  • P2 : Highest Setting Limit; Range:110; Default: 110
  • P3 : Lowest setting Limit; Range:-50; Default: -50
  • P4 : Temperature Correction; Range:-7-7°C, Default: 0°C
  • P5 : Delay Start Time; Range:0-10 Minute; Default: 0
  • P6 : Key Tone Switch; Range:0-110; Default: Off
  • When the Thermostat is power off, long press " - or + ", you can restore the factory settings
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